Old Photo Gallery

Here are some photos of the Brewer's & Extended Family.  Click to enlarge.  Where possible, I will put the names of the people I recognize.  Please use our discussion page to identify people I didn't know.  Feel free to copy or send to others.  Unless otherwise noted, the people are named from left to right. 


William Moffitt, Alma Lorene Shannon, Gary Wayne, Rickey Reed, Jerry Lynn, Terry Randal & William Kenny Brewer

Monette, Arkansas

This is Alma Shannon's Mother and Father

Timbo, Arkansas

James Whittle & Rhoda Nollner Seated Second Row; William Alfred & Levina McDearmon standing upper left & William Moffitt standing 3rd from right.

Mountain View, Arkansas

Denva Lee Brewer's children

I think this was taken in Monette, AR

Jerry & Gary Brewer in Monette, AR

Gary is home on leave from Vietnam with "finger" walking cane.

Dixie Mae Brewer's daughter Sharon Armstrong, Jerry Brewer and Kenny Brewer

Old house by the Railroad Track in Monette, AR

Jerry Brewer and "Pizza" the toy race car

Pizza named after famous race car in Michigan. Photo taken Lawrence, Michigan.

Jerry & Terry Brewer by outdoor toilet

Old house by tracks in Monette, AR

Jerry Brewer, Danny Lane, Phillip Lane & Terry Brewer

Lawrence, Michigan

Jimmy Driftwood ("Battle of New Orleans" songwriter)

Mountain View, AR

Kenny Brewer

Apple orchard, Lawrence, Michigan

Rick, Jerry & Kenny Brewer

Top to Bottom, Lawrence, Michigan

Terry & Jerry Brewer "Apple Picking"

This photo shows the apple bags we used to pick apples in Lawrence, Michigan

Terry feeding an apple to Rickey Brewer

Lawrence, Michigan

William & Alma Brewer

This may be Maple Isle, in Paw Paw, Michigan.

Richard Shannon, Kenny, Alma & Willie Brewer

Lawrence, Michigan

Gary, Rickey, Jerry, Terry & Kenny Brewer

Monette, AR

Sharon Armstrong, Jerry & Kenny Brewer

Monette, AR (Old house by Railroad)

Berta, William Moffit, Gary, Rickey, Alma Shannon, Denva,Jerry & Terry Brewer